About Us

Troxell creates the ultimate insurance experience.

Since 1887, Troxell has grown to be a top trusted risk advisor and reputable insurance agency locally and nationally for personal and business insurancehomeowner's insurancelife insuranceauto/car insurance, employee benefits insuranceHR Solutionsbonds, and financial services.

Our Commitment to You

Based in Springfield, Illinois, Troxell has locations throughout Illinois and is licensed to write business in all 50 states.  Therefore, we can help you find competitive insurance solutions from anywhere in the United States!  We are committed to remaining a local and independent insurance agency.  Our roots are in the communities we serve.  We work hard and are dedicated to protect the individuals, families and businesses that we represent.

What we believe

Our Mission

We educate, advocate and protect our people.

Our Purpose

We safeguard your future.

Our Job

To protect people.

Our Core Values 

Working Together

We are collaborative.
We are inclusive.
We value open communication.

Creating Wow

We are professional.
We are consistent.
We are passionate about what we do.

Earning Trust

We remain positive.
We have empathy.
We show respect.

Embracing Innovation

We are proactive.
We are problem solvers.
We stay openminded.

Our Achievements

Our History Since 1887...


In 1887, Warfield Staley Troxell founded the insurance agency in Springfield, Illinois and names the agency Troxell & Sons.  His son, Robert William Troxell, becomes a partner of the agency with William Kikendall.  They change the name to Troxell, Kikendall and Company in 1905. In 1932, Troxell celebrates their 45th anniversary and the owners include Alvin Skoog, Robert Troxell, Cecil Thomas, and William Kikendall.  In 1940, the agency moves into the Roxy Theatre Building.


In 1950, Roger Warfield Troxell (grandson of Warfield Staley) becomes President of the agency and changes the company name to R.W. Troxell.  Roger is the last Troxell family member to be part of the agency.  In 1971, G.J. Nicoud, Jr., Harvey Weber, and John Reily become officers of the agency and Nicoud becomes president.  In 1977, William Sowle becomes an agency principal.


In 1981, John Hester becomes an agency principal.  The agency moves to the current location at 214 South Grand Avenue in Springfield, IL.  In 1982, the agency has 19 employees.  Gary Hoecker becomes an agency principal in 1985 followed by Henson Robinson III in 1986.  


William Sowle is named President of the agency in 1992 and the agency has grown to 30 employees.  Michael Aiello and Jim Reavy become agency principals the same year.  Additionally in 1992, the Life and Health department is formed to start to help individual and business clients with health and life insurance.  In 1995, Michael Aiello becomes President and CEO of the 65 person agency.  Troxell Financial Advisors also opens in 1995.


John Eck, Jr. becomes an agency principal in 2001 followed by Todd Sowle in 2002.  In 2005, Dave White becomes and agency principle.  In 2008, Troxell acquires Summer and Associates in Washington, Illinois and Chris Leming becomes an agency principal.  


In 2010, Troxell employs 85 employees.  In 2015, the Bloomington-Normal location opens.  The agency rebrands from R.W. Troxell & Company to Troxell in 2016.  Jennifer Call becomes an agency principle in 2016 and the agency grows to 138 employees.  In 2018, Troxell enters into a joint venture with BPA in Bloomington, creating the BPA Troxell Benefits Division.  In 2020, all employees are sent home to work remote due to the COVID-19 pandemic but didn't miss a beat in educating, advocating and protecting customers.


In 2022 and 2023 Troxell was named as a "Best Practices Agency" by Reagan Consulting.  This is a high honor that gives Troxell a prestigious status in the marketplace.  In 2023, Todd Sowle was named President and CEO succeeding Mike Aiello who served in the role for 28 years.  

Early in 2024, Troxell announced they brought in six new shareholders including Ryan Augustine, Steve Hewell, Aaron Jones, Corey Kohlrus, Austin Mudd, and Jake Rourke.  These individuals contributed to the long-term vision of remaining a locally owned, community based independent insurance agency.

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