Insurance Score Authorization

Due to the rising cost of home and auto insurance, TROXELL is looking for ways to help.  One step that we can take is to re-run your Insurance Score to attempt to lower your costs.  When re-running your insurance score, it is important to keep in mind that it could potentially have a negative impact.  If there have been negative effects to your credit score, payment history or any other rating factors that determine an insurance score, your premiums could increase.

What is an Insurance Score?

Insurance companies consider many factors when determining your insurance rates and each person is unique.  For your home, they consider your home's location, age of the home, claim history, renovations, your deductible amount, and more.  For your auto insurance, your driving record is reviewed, coverage history, car, make and model, age of drivers in your home, zip code, and other factors.  In addition to these factors,  your insurance score is reviewed.  An insurance score, also referred to as a credit-based insurance score, is utilized as a predictor of your future insurance loss and is only one factor that goes into your premium.  Statistics show that people with a lower insurance score are more likely to file an insurance claim.  Therefore, your premiums are affected by your insurance score in addition to the other factors when underwriting your insurance. 

Every insurance company and state has a different way they utilize the insurance score.

Insurance Scores vs. Credit Scores

Although both insurance scores and credit scores are used to predict risk, they are different.  An insurance score uses your credit history to predict if you are likely to file a claim in the future.  A credit score is used to predict how likely you are to pay back a loan on time.  When you run your insurance score, there is no hard credit pull and it won't affect your credit score.  

If you are current home or auto customer of TROXELL and are interested in our team re-running your insurance score, one person from your household can fill out the form below.  If you are not a current TROXELL client, but are interested in receiving a quote, click here.

Authorization to Obtain Insurance Score for Home & Auto Insurance