Inland Marine Insurance

Let us ask you a few questions:

  1. You may have standard Property Insurance, but do you have equipment or material that frequently moves from location to location? 
  2. Do you have buildings that are under construction?
  3. Do you have employees carry building plans, computer data, merchandise,or other business related items with them when they leave the office?

If so, your business needs Inland Marine Insurance coverage through TROXELL. 

Inland Marine Insurance covers property in transit over land (not water) as well as the property of others that is at your premise or being transported to and from.  Inland Marine Insurance helps protect your business above and beyond your standard property insurance.  Your standard Property Insurance limits you to a certain number of miles from your business.

TROXELL will help make sure your business is fully covered and the gaps are filled.

Contact an educated and  licensed TROXELL team member today to start reviewing your insurance coverage.  Avoid any surprises when something bad happens to your business.