Renters Insurance

A renter's nightmare can and should be avoided.

Your neighbor’s pipe bursts and water ruins your brand new TV. Are you aware that your neighbor’s insurance may not cover you?

Renters Insurance is affordable and well worth the investment. The average cost of Renters Insurance is about $12 per month. Some renters assume they are covered by their landlord’s insurance on their rental units. But in reality, that’s most likely not the case. 

Add up the value of all your personal belongings in your apartment. You may be surprised by the actual value. It would be costly to replace these items. If a fire or robbery occurs, the only way you will be reimbursed for the value of that property is if you purchase Renter’s Insurance. 

Affordable Renters Insurance with TROXELL:

  • Personal property coverage includes clothes, jewelry, luggage, electronics, and furniture.
  • May cover your belongings when you travel. For example, if you travel with a laptop it would be covered.
  • Pays for additional living expenses. If you have to move out due to a fire or water damage, your renter’s policy will pay for living expenses incurred so that you can maintain your standard of living. 

Call a friendly professional at TROXELL for information about affordable renters insurance before it's too late. Think about it this way...if you skip the coffee run twice a month, it can be enough to protect the assets that are important to you!

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