Commercial General Liability Insurance

If a customer files a lawsuit against your business, what effect would that have? Are you prepared? 

All businesses are in jeopardy of facing a General Liability claim. However, some businesses face a larger risk than others.

Commercial General Liability Insurance, also known as General Liability Insurance or GL, is an important insurance product to protect your business operations. 

A CGL insurance policy protects your company from:

  • claims of bodily injury
  • medical costs of a non-employee
  • property damage and data loss 
  • protection against false advertising, slander and libel
  • copyright infringement

It also may cover the costs of your legal defense.

Make sure your company is covered with enough Commercial General Liability coverage from TROXELL. 

Our agents can determine how much you need, and what type of coverage will keep your business safe.If a general liability policy isn't enough, consider a commercial excess (umbrella) policy.

Whether you own a large business or you're a small business owner, ask our TROXELL insurance experts about specific policies that could offer an extra layer of protection. 

Our clients will tell you, TROXELL is the right choice when it comes to your business' insurance:

"I genuinely believe they care about the success of their clients and tailoring programs to address the needs of those clients."

"TROXELL helps us review and select the insurance companies and services that best fit our company. Many of these policies and coverage limits are complicated, so they help us analyze our needs to get the coverage that best fits our risk profile."

"Our broker is very knowledgeable about our line of business. The organization is a very customer focused organization. We can always get in touch with someone if a need arises."