TROXELL cares about the communities we serve.

Over 50% of our staff currently serves or volunteers for not-for-profits in Illinois.  The TROXELL Team has years of experience covering not-for-profits all over Illinois.  No matter the size, our team has handled the type business.  We have built strong relationships and partnerships with the top insurance carriers who specialize in not-for-profits.  

TROXELL is a strong supporter of not-for-profits that we insure as well as many other local charities in the communities we serve. 

Why is TROXELL the right choice for your Not-For-Profit?

  • Our agency has over 100 years of experience working and representing not-for-profits in Illinois.
  • Not-for-profit Group Health Insurance Programs can be designed specifically for your organization with an option of a free online enrollment tool to help your team!
  • TROXELL offers highly competitive markets for Workers' Compensation.
  • We provide HR Solutions and Safety Specialists for NO additional fee.

Here’s what some of our not-for-profit partners say about the TROXELL Team:

"Thank you, TROXELL, for always going the extra mile for us." –Vice President of Human Resources at Illinois not-for-profit

"TROXELL is rooted in our community. Their agents are also our neighbors and they genuinely care about what is best for Springfield and all of Central Illinois. They regularly invest in local charities and seem to foster a company culture that encourages giving back."  Executive Director of Illinois not-for-profit

"While price and product are important to us, it's the top notch customer service that we receive that would prevent us from even considering another agency. The folks at TROXELL are knowledgeable, friendly, and are always looking out for what's best for us, not necessarily what's best for them. It's like they're a part of our organization, and for that, we'll always remain loyal." - Executive Director of Illinois not-for-profit


"I have worked with TROXELL for well over 10 years, I have always been treated fairly, received great counsel and guidance, and the best pricing available." –President and CEO of city Chamber of Commerce