Become a TROXELL Agency

TROXELL makes joining us a smooth transition for you, your staff and your customers.

Are you interested in joining one of the largest independently owned insurance agencies in Illinois?  Are you interested in merging with TROXELL to make your company stronger and to have continued survival and growth when you leave your agency?

We are interested in beginning conversations with small to mid-size insurance agencies in Illinois, southern Wisconsin, southwestern Indiana, and Missouri. 

Why should your agency join with TROXELL?

  • TROXELL is owned and operated by six local and dedicated owners. 
  • When your agency joins TROXELL, you keep local ownership of your agency. 
  • TROXELL has more products and carriers than most insurance agencies, which gives your clients a one-stop shop with better pricing options.
  • We have strong technology to get the job done right
  • Our HR program and employee development allows for your staff to excel.

"I have been with Summer & Associates since 1983  when I joined the agency with my father-in-law, Robert L. Summer.  There have been a lot of changes in the insurance agency system over the years.  My father-in-law ran the agency with clear and professional direction.  Troxell is cut from the same cloth, as it were.  Troxell has the goals and management style that works well with the way our office was operating before the merger.  We partnered with Troxell in 2008.  The relationship between the Troxell Team and Summer & Associates could not be better.  I would definitely do it again as there are no regrets."  -  Mark W. Swisher, CIC  / Summer & Associates, LLC  /  Washington, IL.

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We look forward to sharing the benefits of joining TROXELL to your business, your clients and your employees!