Todd SowlePresident & CEO

Hometown and current city:

Springfield, IL

In my spare time:

I've worked out every morning for 25 years with the same group of buddies. I'm lucky to start each day with such good friends.

A perfect day would consist of:

An early morning workout, an afternoon at the pool and an evening spent with friends on the deck.

Words I live by:

Hold yourself to a higher standard than others expect from you. Never excuse yourself.

Insurance experience and involvement:

Graduate of Maryland Casualty School of Insurance, IIA young agents member and committee volunteer, and Licensed Illinois Flood specialist


University of Illinois Springfield

Proudest Accomplishment:

Becoming a partner at TROXELL and beating the pool odds on my marriage by 18 years

Favorite Song:

"Take it Easy," Eagles

Favorite Movie:

Any James Bond movie with Sean Connery

Top 3 things on my bucket list?

Hunting wild boar from a helicopter, an extended Europe tour, and ride the Katy Trail.

What you may not know:

I’m a foodie. I enjoy creating meals that are often foreign and unique. I’m also a U.S. Army expert sharpshooter medal recipient.

Values that drive me?

Above all, work with integrity and respect for others. Our primary task is to educate our clients and protect their families and assets.

Favorite Family Tradition:

Family birthday celebrations are huge at our house. They typically start with breakfast in bed, then a family bike ride, a miniature golf championship and lastly a drive-in movie.


I am a third generation insurance agent, and proud that my Son Austin has followed suit. I started at Troxell immediately after college and have enjoyed working with our both our clients and the Troxell Team for over 28 years.