TROXELL HR Solutions

The TROXELL HR Solutions team is ready to assist you!

Does your business need assistance with a variety of HR tasks, remaining compliant, or creating HR forms, tools, and employee training?  TROXELL HR Solutions is your answer to resolving HR headaches your company may be facing.

Choose from one of our services to help make your job easier:

  • TROXELLConnect
    • FREE access to all TROXELL Commercial and Benefits clients.  A full HR Library of information available 24/7, which includes access to attorney-reviewed tools, HR news, forms, and training for businesses of all sizes. 
  • TROXELL HR Support
    • With TROXELL HR Support, you receive HR support on call rather than paying for a full-time HR employee.  The TROXELL HR professionals are ready to help your business succeed.   
  • TROXELL Web Summits
    • With the purchase of one of the HR Solutions through TROXELL, you can stay connected with TROXELL and other businesses through our FREE quarterly Web Summits.  The TROXELL Web Summits allow you to interact with other businesses while discussing relevant HR and compliance topics. 
  • Background Screening Services
    • We understand the importance of promoting a safe work environment for your business. With background checks from TROXELL, powered by IntelliCorp, you get comprehensive and validated screening services to help minimize risk and determine the quality of your new hires. 

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