Commercial Umbrella Insurance

What happens when your policy limits are maxed out from a bodily injury or property damage claim but you still need money to help pay for losses? 

If you don’t have Commercial Umbrella Insurance, this money will come out of your pocket, no matter how much it is. 

Commercial Umbrella Insurance with TROXELL is another layer of protection that is needed to make sure your business is properly covered and all your gaps are filled.  Commercial Umbrella Insurance with TROXELL will cover above and beyond your General Liability Insurance. 

Every company faces the chance of being sued.  If a legal judgment or settlement exceeds the limit of your existing liability coverage, your assets could be at serious risk. 

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TROXELL will help you determine the right Commercial Umbrella policy for your size and type of business. 

"The team at TROXELL is highly competent, very professional and trustworthy."

 "I can always get an honest opinion from TROXELL regarding my company's needs."

"I have worked with TROXELL for well over 10 years.  I have always been treated fairly, received great counsel and guidance and the best pricing available."

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