TROXELL Joins Illinois Restaurant Association


Troxell Hospitality Business Unit Strengthens Ties to Restaurant Owners

Team members from TROXELL recently attended the first official meeting of the downstate chapter of the Illinois Restaurant Association (IRA) in Springfield, Illinois. The IRA is looking to expand downstate after having a majority of their membership in the Chicagoland area.  During the meeting, association members discussed current bills they were lobbying for, as well as how the association could better serve the downstate market. 

Restaurant Association

Being members of this association is a great opportunity for the TROXELL Hospitality Business Unit. Our team can connect with restaurant owners and get a better understanding of the landscape in which they operate in.  About 25 individuals attended the first meeting and we hope to see the attendance of the meetings grow moving forward. It was a great opportunity to find out the challenges that restaurants are facing every day. In addition, it was a great reminder to the TROXELL Hospitality team that to be a true partner with our clients, we must know all of the issues that restaurants and other businesses face.

Restaurant Insurance is a great tool for mitigating the risks that restaurant business owners face.  However, we know that there are issues we are unable to help with day to day.  One such issue is the ever-changing legislative matters that face the hospitality industry.  Staying active in the Illinois Restaurant Association is vital to the TROXELL Hospitality team so that we can offer additional solutions outside of just an insurance policy. Issues, such as the dine in tax and wage lien bills, have huge implications for our local restaurants.  Our team knows that being able to provide insight on those matters makes us a better partner and improves the small business economy here in Springfield and beyond.  

We hope this first meeting was just a stepping stone. As more time passes and word spreads of the benefits of the association, we will generate more support for the IRA here in Springfield and surrounding communities. 

As members of the IRA, we are proud to help spread awareness of the IRA so that it will grow downstate, similar to how it has in the Chicagoland area.  Together, we can better serve our local restaurants and businesses. For more information on how to join and about the benefits, you can visit:

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This article was written by:

Austin Mudd

Austin Mudd
Austin Mudd is an insurance agent located in TROXELL’s Springfield office.  He is part of the Hospitality Business Unit at TROXELL and now a member of the Illinois Restaurant Association.  He is a graduate of Illinois State University and can be reached at 217-528-7533.



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