Should I Purchase Full Glass Coverage?

Replacing your windshield can be costly.

Should you purchase full glass auto coverage? The answer is completely up to you! Full glass auto coverage, also known as windshield replacement insurance, is an optional add-on to your auto insurance policy.

At Troxell, our job as insurance agents is to educate our customers on the importance of having full glass coverage and help you make a smarter, more educated decision.

What is Full Glass Coverage?

Full Glass auto coverage is insurance for your windshield. If it gets cracked or broken, windshield insurance can help pay for repair or replacement. It can cover: 

  • rock chips
  • storm damage
  • vandalism

Do I have to have full glass coverage?

This is an optional coverage that can be added on to your auto insurance. When you add on Full Glass coverage to your auto insurance, you will not be subject to your deductible when fixing or replacing your windshield after damage. If you do not have this coverage on our auto policy, you will pay your deductible when fixing the damage. Since it is optional, you can remove full glass coverage at any time. 

Does insurance cover windshield replacement? How do I know if I have coverage for my car windshield?

Your comprehensive and collision insurance will help cover your windshield repair, however, you will be subject to your deductible. 

Usually, you can find the policy language on your policy declaration page. Your policy will state “full glass”. However, it is always best to reach out to your agent to confirm before there is an issue.

Some companies put in their policy language that full glass is covered to a certain degree. Therefore, it is always best to talk to your agent to double check your policy. 

Is it too late to add full glass coverage to my car insurance?

You can add this coverage at any time during your policy term.

How much more will I pay for windshield coverage?

Adding this coverage typically adds about $40-50 to your overall annual auto insurance premium. 

If I turn in a glass claim, will my rates increase?

Maybe. With all claims, there is a chance that your rates could increase, but most insurance companies do not surcharge for one glass claim. 

Why should I think about adding full glass coverage?

Sometimes the cost to replace your windshield can be costly. How many times has a rock hit your windshield and caused damage?  Here is a quick example if you do not have full glass coverage:

Cost to Replace Windshield: $800
Comprehensive Deductible: $500
Out of Pocket Expense to you: $500

If you purchase Full Glass Coverage this is what you would pay:

Cost to Replace Windshield: $800
Out of Pocket Expense to you: $0

Do you have a newer car with an ADAS high-tech windshield?

If you’ve purchased a new vehicle in the last few years, it’s most likely that your vehicle has advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). These ADAS systems use cameras and other light detection and ranging (LIDAR) sensors to provide you with information vital to your vehicles’ operations like parking assistance, adaptive cruise control, pedestrian avoidance, and safety features. You may be surprised to find out that some of these specialty pieces of technology are included and housed in your windshield, making the cost to replace much higher.

Can't I just repair the ADAS windshield?

The ADAS specialty features may require maintenance at a dealership and that means longer repair times and higher costs. Most glass shops can recalibrate the vehicles when they replace the windshield. However, if the windshield cannot be recalibrated at the glass shop, you will need to make an appointment with the dealership.

Recalibration and replacement of advanced driver assistance systems are more expensive than a traditional windshield patch job. Kelly Blue Book (KBB) estimates cost of replacing and recalibrating an ADAS windshield at $1500 - that's about 4 times more than a basic windshield.

How do I submit an insurance claim to repair a windshield?

You will pay the dealership for the costs and submit the invoice for reimbursement as part of the glass claim.

How can I get a quote for full glass auto insurance from Troxell?

Call us or complete the form to get an auto insurance quote.

At TROXELL, we strive to educate our customers on the importance of having full glass coverage so that your pocketbook doesn’t take a hit when surprises happen during a potential claim. We hope you have an understanding of the cost and benefit of full glass auto coverage and windshield insurance. Remember, you can always decide to waive or remove this coverage as it is optional. Contact me to learn more about car insurance. 

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