Self-Funded Groups


60% of your employees spend less than $1,500 a year on health care. 

Don't become an employer who doesn't meet their deductibles and must cover out of pocket the medical costs of your employees.

Gain control and lower health care expenses - Move to a self-funded health insurance plan with BPA TROXELL Benefits.

What is a Self-Funded Health Insurance Plan? 

In a self-funded health insurance health plan, an employer assumes the financial risk to provide health care benefits directly to its employees, eliminating obligations to a health plan provider. 

Self-Funded Health Insurance Plan Advantages:

  • Reduces insurance overhead costs.  Health insurance carriers assess a risk charge for insured policies (approximately 2% annually), but Self-insured Plans remove this charge.
  • Reduce state premium taxes.  Self-funded plans are not subject to state premium taxes. 
  • Avoidance of state-mandated benefits. Self-funded Plans are exempt from state insurance laws, subject only to ERISA complaints.
  • Choose benefits services a la carte. 
  • Flexibility in plan designs, administration and offered services.
  • Customization of stop-loss insurance to reduce the risk of high claims.
  • Improved cash flow.  Self-funded plans do not have to pre-pay for coverage; claims are paid as they are due. Additional cash flow in reserves are to help in an interest-bearing account. 

Contact your group benefits insurance experts at BPA TROXELL to see if a self-funded insurance plan is the right choice for your business.

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