Homeowner's Insurance

TROXELL moves your home insurance in the right direction.

Did you know 64% of homes are underinsured?  Don’t be a part of this growing home insurance statistic. 

TROXELL sets standards to make sure we properly cover each home insurance client.  We know that when a disaster or small claim occurs, our clients can put their worries aside. 

Get a FREE, no-obligation home insurance quote today to see how TROXELL will find you the best combination of insurance, coverage, and price.  We have over 46 of the top insurance carriers that allow us to compare quotes and prices unlike the large companies with the flashy mascots who only have ONE option. 

When you get a homeowners insurance quote from TROXELL:

  • You get a FREE, no-obligation quote.
  • Consider us your travel agent…we shop your home insurance and you only have to talk to one person rather than ten. 
  • We save you money by having multiple insurance companies fight for your business, not through a fancy lizard, expensive commercials or catchy slogans. 

Here is what our customers have to say about their TROXELL experience:

"My agents at TROXELL make dealing with insurance companies a better experience."

"We have been with TROXELL for 25 years, mostly with a Cincinnati policy. Both have always exceeded our expectations!"

"If I were to say this on Twitter it would look like this #TroxellRocks!"

"My experiences with TROXELL have been nothing but outstanding. The agents and staff truly care about their clients, and it shows through 100% in the work they will do for you. They make you feel very valued as a client, and I can honestly say I will never go anywhere else with my insurance needs."

"TROXELL is full of professionals who look out for your family's needs."

Want a free homeowner's insurance quote?  Let's get started!