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Are you an active or retired law enforcement officer or spouse?  Ask our team about our specialized Law Enforcement Gun Liability Coverage for only $229/year!

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Frequently Asked Questions about Gun Owners' Liability Insurance

What is Gun Owners Liability Insurance?

Gun Owners' liability insurance, also known as Concealed Carry Insurance, Firearm Liability Insurance, or CCW, offers individuals legal protection if they use a registered firearm in a self-defense scenario.  

How Does Gun Owners' Liability Insurance Work?

Depending on the type of policy you choose, your gun liability insurance will provide you with legal defense, pay damages, attorney retainer, defense costs, and more.

Do I need Gun Insurance?

Gun Owners liability insurance or Concealed Carry Insurance gives you an extra layer of protection outside of your standard personal policies. Cover the gaps in your insurance by adding this type of policy.  


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