Sara WilliamsAccount Manager


Petersburg, IL but Currently resides In Kilbourne, IL

In her spare time, you will find Sara:

Quilting, embroidering, crocheting, or playing the piano/organ.  Sara also plays in her church band at the retirement home twice a month and enjoys going to her grandchildren's sporting games.

A perfect day for Sara would consist of:

Sitting at her sewing/embroidering machine making something new.

Proudest Accomplishment:

Watching her kids grow into adults

Favorite Song:

"How Great Thou Art"

My binge-worthy TV Shows:

Days of our Lives or anything on HGTV and Hallmark

Favorite Family Tradition:

Spending Christmas at my daughter's house.

Favorite Movie:

The Chipmunks

"TROXELL is a very nice place to work. The people here will help you when you need help and work with you no matter how busy they might be."