Kate Halford, CISRAccount Manager


Born and raised in Springfield, IL but currently live in Williamsville, IL with my family and our dog, Oscar.

What Kate spends her time doing outside of the office:

As the wife of a high school basketball coach and the aunt of some awesome athletes, I spend a lot of time at sporting events. Any extra time after that is all spent with my family.

A perfect day to me:

After getting plenty of sleep, I would travel with my family to a new place and experience another culture together.

Words to live by:

The good old Golden Rule, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." My other favorite is, "It’s better to be a BULLET! GO BULLETS!"


Illinois State University

Proudest Accomplishment:

One that I'm still and will forever be working on is raising my children to be well-rounded and respectful as well as responsible and polite.

Favorite Song:

"It’s in Every One of Us" by John Denver

Favorite Movie:

Funny Face with the exquisite Audrey Hepburn is definitely one of my top 5.

You may not know:

I love movies and can name the title of almost any movie within watching the first few seconds. I've been dubbed the Queen of Scene It.

"I started at TROXELL in 2012 and in the 4 years that I have worked here I have met so many great people and have always treasured how much family is valued here."

One more thing: