Jim Ward, Sr., CICSales Team


I grew up in Elkhart, IL but I've lived in Springfield since 1960.

In my spare time, I enjoy:

playing golf or enjoying traveling with my wife

A perfect day for me:

playing Pebble Beach or St. Andrews and then watching the sun set with my wife over a glass of wine.


I went to Western Illinois University on a basketball scholarship but left in my sophomore year to join the Air Force during the Korean War.

Words to live by:

Lead, Follow or Get the Heck out of the Way.

Proudest Accomplishment:

I don’t have any specific accomplishments of note but am proud of my four adult children, nine grandchildren, and six (soon to be seven) great grandchildren.

Favorite Song:

The song that I have had played for my wife at special events best describes how all of our family see her, “Wind Beneath My Wings”.

A few things about me you may not know:

I’ve spent over 50 years running businesses in Springfield either in petroleum or insurance. I believe in helping commercial accounts obtain the best coverage they can for the least amount of money, however, having the correct coverage is far more important than the lowest price.

"I started at TROXELL in April 1984, I came here because I was friends with Bill Sowle. My son Jim, Jr. and I along with our assistant Jane left in 1996. After Jims recent passing Jane and I returned because Mike Aiello and Gary Hoecker were close personal friends of Jim, Jr. We are happy to be back and appreciate everything everyone has done for us. TROXELL has certainly grown in our absence and offers a lot of programs that are not available in many agencies. We feel we can handle about any situation for our clients now that we are here."