Jennifer Call, CICPartner, Board of Directors


Springfield, IL

When I'm not working, you will find me:

Spending time with family, going to concerts, working out, reading a book, or eating at our family's restaurant, The Brickhouse.  I also enjoy being involved in the community.

A perfect day to me is:

An early morning workout, an afternoon pool side with my husband and kids, finished with dinner and wine therapy with my girlfriends.

Words to live by:

"Purpose is the reason you journey, passion is the fire that lights your way."


Illinois State University

Proudest Accomplishment:

Personal - Motherhood. Professionally - Becoming the first female partner of TROXELL. 

Favorite Song(s):

"Your Song," Elton John and "For My Wedding," Don Henley
*Song that you will find me singing along to: "It's Tricky," Run D.M.C.

You may not know:

My professional career started at Chi-Chi's as a hostess.

"TROXELL's foundation is service, integrity and family. We are vested in the community because we truly want to be. As we move forward and grow into the future, our local and long-standing roots will continue to be our foundation we build upon."