TROXELL Announces New Shareholders

New Shareholders

The TROXELL Board of Directors is pleased to announce the addition of six new shareholders effective January 31, 2024.

This is an instrumental step for TROXELL and will contribute to their long-term vision of remaining a locally owned, community based independent insurance agency. The current TROXELL shareholders include Board of Directors Jennifer Call, John Eck, Jr., Chris Leming, Todd Sowle, and Dave White. The new group of shareholders includes Ryan Augustine, Steve Hewell, Aaron Jones, Corey Kohlrus, Austin Mudd, and Jake Rourke. These individuals are the first new shareholders since Jennifer Call became a shareholder in 2016.

This represents the largest group of new shareholders ever brought into Troxell at one time. Aaron Jones is the first shareholder that joins TROXELL from the Bloomington location showing the companies commitment to growing their regional presence. Ownership representation is now in all three markets where TROXELL has a physical facility and staff.

Troxell was founded in 1887 and is fortunate to have a long history of dedicated individuals who have helped ensure the ongoing viability of the agency, especially in times of great industry consolidation.

“We feel Troxell is well positioned with our ownership group, dedicated staff, committed carrier partners, and the clients and communities we serve to move successfully into the future. These new shareholders will help carry TROXELL successfully into the future so TROXELL is around for the next 135 years,” says John Eck, Jr. a current TROXELL Board Member.



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