Who We Are

Since 1887, TROXELL has grown to be a top trusted risk advisor and solution provider for personal and business insurance, employee benefits insurance, HR Solutions, surety bonds and financial services.

What makes TROXELL the best?


  • Independently owned and operated
  • Easy-to-find with multiple locations:
    1. Headquartered in Springfield, IL
    2. Bloomington, IL
    3. Chicago, IL
    4. Champaign, IL
    5. Springfield, IL – Heartland Credit Union
    6. St. Louis, MO
    7. Washington, IL – Summer and Associates
  • Lucky to have over 100 dedicated, hardworking employees
  • Proud to say all of our insurance professionals have their insurance licenses and over 25% of our employees hold special insurance designations such as the CIC and CISR
  • Constantly building solid relationships with our clients
  • Generous to the communities where our clients live and work by giving back and donating our time

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TROXELL Timeline:

1887: W.S. Troxell was founded by Warfield Staley Troxell at 411 S. 5th Street in Springfield, IL.

1905: Robert Warfield Troxell (son of Warfield Staley) bought the agency and changed the name to R.W. Troxell

1950: Roger Warfield Troxell (grandson of Warfield Staley) became President of the agency

1973: G.J. Nicoud Jr. became President and partner of the agency

1977: William H. Sowle became a partner of the agency

1982: Moved to current location at 214 South Grand Ave W. with 19 employees

1985: John Hester became a partner of the agency

1986: Gary Hoecker became a partner of the agency

1987: Henson C. Robinson became a partner of the agency

1992: R.W. Troxell owned by John Hester, Gary Hoecker, Henson C. Robinson, Mike Aiello and Jim Reavy

1992: William H. Sowle became President of the agency which had 30 employees at that time

1995: Troxell Financial Advisors opened

1995: Michael A. Aiello became President

2001: John Eck, Jr. became a partner of the agency

2002: R.W. Troxell had 45 employees

2004: Todd Sowle became a partner of the agency

2005: Partnered with Summer and Associates in Washington, IL and acquired Barnett Insurance Agency

2006: Dave White became a partner of the agency

2007: Chicago, IL office opened

2008: Acquired Alvin S. Keys Agency

2008: Chris Leming became a partner of the agency

2010: Acquired Kay Miller Insurance

2012: R.W. Troxell had 85 employees

2014: Bloomington, IL office opened

2016: Name changed to TROXELL

2016: TROXELL adds first female partner, Jennifer Call

2016: Acquired J.M. Ward & Company

2016: TROXELL has 138 employees

2016: TROXELL is owned by Mike Aiello, John Eck, Jr, Todd Sowle, Dave White, Chris Leming, and Jennifer Call

2016: Insurance Risk Managers, a Division of TROXELL opens October 1, 2016 with six employees.

2016: TROXELL named as one of Insurance Business Magazine's 2016 Elite Agencies

2017: Celebrates 130th Anniversary with 146 employees, 7 locations, and 6 local owners.