Brittney DhabaltExecutive Assistant


Springfield, IL

In my spare time, I enjoy:

Spending time with my son, family and friends.

My perfect day would consist of:

Lying by the pool with a margarita in hand then go to Wrigley Field to root the Cubs to victory.

Words to live by:

“Never let anyone dull your sparkle.”


Eastern Illinois University

Proudest Accomplishment:

Becoming a mommy- it’s the most rewarding job there is!!

Favorite Movie(s):

Dirty Dancing & Beauty and the Beast

One thing you may not know:

I LOVE to clean and organize, and I may be just a little OCD.


2019 Mrs. TROXELL

"TROXELL is all about giving back to their community in numerous ways and that allows their employees to do the same. The owners also really care about each individual employee and that’s what makes our environment so wonderful to work in- we are all family!"