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John Eck, Jr

Why Troxell? 

1887 – What is significant about 1887 and why do we bring it up in our first Blog post?

In 1887 the following events occurred:

  • Thomas Stevens is 1st man to bicycle around the world
  • S. Senate approves naval base lease of Pearl Harbor
  • Snow fell on San Francisco
  • Dawes Act was passed granting citizenship to native Indians living apart from their tribes
  • 1st minor league baseball association organizes in Pittsburgh
  • Cubs sold Mike King Kelly to Boston for a record $10,000
  • Susanna Medora Salter is elected as 1stS. woman mayor (Argonia, Kansas)
  • Abraham Lincoln is re-buried with his wife in Springfield, Illinois
  • Philadelphia celebrates 100th anniversary of U.S. Constitution
  • Notre Dame loses its first football game 8-0 to Michigan, and …..
  • W.S. Troxell is started in Springfield, Illinois by Warfield Staley Troxell

Over more than 130 years what was started as a small, independent insurance agency in downtown Springfield has grown into what is now known as simply TROXELL with offices in seven cities across two states and more than 150 employees.  It has been a long, interesting ride with real evidence that the hard work, dedication and commitment to our clients and communities helped position TROXELL as the premiere independent insurance agency in the Midwest.

TROXELL wants to earn your business, to provide you, your family and your business pursuits with the necessary education, advocacy and protection needed for safety, piece of mind and future success.  Our industry has changed greatly over the last 130 years, probably in no more significant way than the breadth of options available to you when considering who you will trust.  We believe very strongly that our agency and the dedicated personnel you work with should be partners in the research, implementation, execution and review of all components of risk management and insurance.  We want to know you, understand you or your business, research what might keep you up at night and provide peace of mind that allows everything you work so hard for to remain uninterrupted and safe.  Our job doesn’t end when the policy goes up on the shelf!

Our hope for this blog is to share with you what makes TROXELL different, why we do what we do, how we approach our role as a partner with you and perhaps have a little fun along the way.  We are confident that insurance is nobody’s favorite topic and it seems we can say with great confidence that very few people actually grow up with their first career choice being insurance.  However, we are happy to say that now that we are here we all love what we do and we execute with a passion and level of care that will show you just how dedicated we are to what we do and more importantly our dedication to you, the client! 

Stay with us, learn along the way and challenge us when you have different perspectives, a question that needs answering or a recommendation for improvement.  There is a lot to know so we want to be as helpful as possible for everyone that joins us and listens in, partners with us for protection or looks to us for advice.

All the best from the Troxell Team!  Thanks for trusting in us, sharing and learning with us along the way and helping us build for the next few years in our history!!!

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John Eck, Jr. 



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