Thank you!


#shoplocal Thank youAs we close out another year, we want to take a minute to express our gratitude for our customers and company partners.  We are very proud to represent so many unique individuals and businesses.  The insurance industry has changed since we opened our doors in 1887.  Thank you to all those who have stood by us and continue to trust us with your insurance needs.    

In 2019, we are determined to continue our efforts to stay local and relevant for our customers.    

As we mention from time to time, TROXELL is locally owned and operated.  What does this mean to you?  When you buy your insurance from us, you are supporting a local business and local neighbors.  You help us employ over 100+ individuals throughout Illinois, with a majority of those individuals located in Springfield.  

What does being local mean to us?  We give back to our community.  You have probably seen the TROXELL logo all around Springfield and starting to pop up more in the Bloomington area.  That is because we sponsor a lot of local charities and events.  Each year we donate more than $100,000 to our community. 

So in 2019, we ask you to think about this when you see an ad online or a catchy TV commercial for a large insurance company, ask yourself what they are doing for your community.  They probably aren't supporting the local United Way, sponsoring your son's soccer team, or giving back to support the local schools.  Get on the #Shoplocal bandwagon with TROXELL.

In addition to giving back, remember that we represent a lot of the large insurance companies.  When you shop your insurance with TROXELL, we send it out to numerous insurance companies to get you the best price and the right coverage.  When you work with one insurance company, they do not have this option or ability.  

We hope that you share with us what you would like to see from your insurance agency or what we can do to make your life easier.  Thank you again for helping make 2018 a great year.  We look forward to working with more of you in 2019.



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